About Us

Since the day it was founded, Sardes Energy has been working with an experienced and strong technical staff with a focus on customer satisfaction by closely following the technology of the day in engineering, projecting, contracting, consultancy and consultancy services.

Our company which has been serving in renewable energy sources such as electricity generation plant projects, power transmission line plant projects, transformer and distribution center projects, LV-HV electricity installations and interior installation projects has achieved many successful projects to date.

Our company offers the best solutions for electricity production from renewable energy sources to all of the customers in the stages of applications of call-up letters, projecting, product consultancy, installation, acceptance and commissioning. Especially in the field of photovoltaics, both domestic and foreign companies producing solutions through partnership with our customers' requests and opinions in the direction of alternative solutions are offered.

Transformer substations projects, Energy transmission line projects, LV - HV projects are prepared by the experienced staff in accordance with the relevant national and international legislation and the approval and acceptance process is being done fastest.

Our projects which are prepared according to national and international legislation and standards, our customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, high performance is our basic principle.

Our company continues to work with OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) and ENVIRONMENT awareness. Our employees are regularly trained and certified by authorized A-class business security experts.

Again, all our employees are regularly examined at organizations authorized under the workers' health directive and documented that they can work in very dangerous jobs.