Test and Measurement Services

Electical tests and measurements are done in accordance with the stipulations in the Regulation on Grounding Electrical Facilities ( published in the Official Gazette dated 21.08.2001 numbered 24500), Regulation on Electric Power Installations (published in the Official Gazette dated 3.11.2000 numbered 24246), Regulation on Domestic Installations (published in the Official Gazette dated 4.11.1984 numbered 18565) and standards of TS EN 60079.

Tests and measurements we perform 

Grounging testing and measuring

·         Measuring foundation soil grounding resistivity

·         Measuring spesific resistance of soil 

·         Body and security grounding resistivity of machines and equipments

·         Measuring lightning rod grounding resistivity

Active lightning rod function testing

Harmonics and energy analyzing 

Controlling and measuring domestic installations suitability

Current and voltage transformers testing

Breakers and seperators testing

Transformer oil testing, seconder protection measuring and controlling

Capacity and isolation testing of surge arresters

Isolation testing of cables and buses